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About Us

Bank2Bank is North America’s premier provider of working capital and merchant services.  We provide working capital to small and medium-sized businesses using a special method called “credit card  receivable factoring”. We advance against merchants future credit card sales. The advance is repaid by deducting a small percentage of the daily credit/debit card sales. Our simple qualification process allows us to approve a much higher percentage of businesses for both funding and credit services than banks. With the financial advantage of Bank2Bank, your business can realize its potential and achieve the success you deserve.  Bank2Bank is also the fastest growing POS company in the nation thanks to the experience of our management team and the strategic approach of the brightest and most experienced individuals in the merchant services industry.

Our company philosophy is to deliver the most comprehensive range of credit and debit card processing services as well as POS hardware and software that can fulfill any business need. We believe in leading edge products and first class merchant services at reasonable prices that deliver cost savings and the opportunity for additional profits to retailers across Canada. We guarantee industry leading service and support to our customers and always strive to exceed expectations by under‐promising and over delivering.


How Bank2Bank Funding Can Help Your Business

We know that making your business as successful as possible often requires capital.  Bank2Bank can provide you with the funds you need to realize your business’ potential and make your dreams a reality.  We have helped many businesses just like yours by providing money for:

  • Equipment purchases

  • Opening new locations

  • Renovating or remodeling

  • Advertising

  • Cash flow needs for established
    seasonal businesses

  • Purchasing additional revenue

  • Emergencies or funding payroll

  • Buying out your business partner

  • Buy an existing business


How Bank2Bank Merchant Services Can Help Your Business

Bank2Bank offers payment processing services to all types of businesses, large and small, from small retail outlets to nation‐wide chains and franchises. We offer debit & credit merchant accounts, transaction processing, gift cards and loyalty for:

  • Retailers

  • Restaurants

  • Professional offices

  • Home‐based businesses

  • Mail or telephone order

  • E‐commerce / online businesses

  • Seasonal businesses, trade shows,
    flea markets

  • Mobile and delivery businesses

  • Complex integrated PC vendors

We provide everything your business needs to accept debit & credit cards. If you are just getting started, we'll have you accepting debit & credit cards quickly and affordably. If you are already with another provider, we will perform an expert analysis of your current solution and show you how we can save you money and provide you with a more efficient solution. Our objective is to help grow your business.



  • Quick and high rate of approval
  • No financial or tax returns needed
  • No fixed payments ? we only get paid when your business gets paid