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Electronic Fund Transfer

Efficient, fast and safely. Anywhere, anytime, without a major investment of money or effort on your part. The EFT Gateway is a complete payment and management solution that instantly transforms your PC, website or software into a "virtual" payment gateway. EFT’s are designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes and any vertical. Best of all, you reduce the risk and compliance headaches by letting Bank2Bank streamline cheque acceptance, payroll, recurring billing and ensure that you are compliant with the latest standards and safety regulations in the industry.


EFT… What is it?

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT's) are processed using payment networks of Canada.

  • EFT is a paperless system that provides for the inter-bank clearing of electronic entries for participating financial institutions.

  • This secure service provides speed and efficiency in collecting one-time or recurring payments from customers.

  • Creating an EFT transaction on your customer's Canadian bank account is no more trouble than taking a credit card. 


How Will I Benefit? 

  • Decrease overhead expenses, increase revenue, and overall market penetration by offering customers additional payment options.

  • Modernize and streamline the payment and collection process and its associated costs and time delays.

  • Minimize exposure to risk and fraudulent transactions.

  • Process transactions quickly and successfully.

  • Software allows businesses to manage operations and multiple locations without capital expense.

  • Send automatic text/email notifications to your customers indicating requirement for payment. 

  • Send automatic follow up text/email notifications on delinquent accounts with instruction for future debit attempts.   

Payments can never be lost or delayed by the mail again!



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