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Business funding application

2 rue ducharme, Gatineau Qu/bec, J8Y3P4

Tél: 1-855-669-5560 Fax: 819-246-8661 info@bank2bank.ca

Owner 1

Owner 2- Required if Owner 1 percentage of ownership is not 100%


EQUIPMENT LEASING DETAILS - (If Applicable) - If more equipment, attach a list and vendor quote if available

SIGNATURES - ALL OWNERS MUST SIGN - By signing below, the Client and its owner(s) certify that all information and documents submitted in connection with this Application are true, correct and complete. Additionally, the owner(s) authorize Merchant Advance Capital Ltd. or any of its agents, partners, and affiliates to contact the above landlord, supplier, and emergency contacts, as well as obtain and use business and non-business consumer credit reports from credit reporting agencies and any other information regarding the Client and its owner(s) from third parties, both at the time of the initial funding application and at any time after the Client has received funding as long as the Merchant remains a client of Merchant Advance Capital Ltd. At all times, Merchant Advance Capital Ltd. will comply with the personal information collection, protection, use, sharing, and retention practices set out in the Privacy Policy, which can be reviewed at https://www.merchantadvance.com/privacy-policy.

Tél: 1-855-669-5560 Fax: 819-246-8661 info@bank2bank.ca www.bank2bank.ca

Required documents